Practice patient group

At Baldock Surgery we are constantly looking to improve the services we offer our patients against the back drop of major changes within the NHS.

One way in which we can ensure we are working on the right things is to ask you, our patients.

As such, we have a very active Practice Patient Group (PPG). Our PPG is a group of patients, carers and staff who meet to discuss topics of mutual interest including service issues, new innovations and patient experience. It supports good communication between the practice and patients and is a way for patients to become more involved.  

The PPG can: 

  • Offer patient feedback about their experiences with the surgery, or pass on feedback, suggestions, comments or queries received from other patients. 
  • Review patient complaints and patient feedback from patient surveys and the ‘friends and family test’. The PPG can use this information to propose service improvements and contribute to action plans to help improve services.  
  • Support health awareness and wider patient education. 
  • Help make the practice work more efficiently by identifying changes that may not have been considered. 
  • Influence decisions about which services are provided 
  • Offer practical support to the practice

For patients, being part of the PPG is a way of contributing to the NHS and the wider community whilst having your voice heard and helping bring about change and improvements. It is also an opportunity to find out more about the NHS and healthcare provision and is a great way to meet new people and develop new skills, such as negotiation and dealing with people. 

Anyone over the age of 16 can join the PPG. You don’t need any prior experience or training, just an interest in taking positive action to help the practice and the local patient population. 

Our PPG meets with the practice team a few times a year, to discuss ways we can improve our surgery. Our acting chair person is Michael Horah, he is very keen to attract new members to the meeting and would love to hear from you if you are interested. We also maintain a larger group of patients who we in contact with via email or post, from time to time, to complete surveys and get feedback.

You can find out more by reading the Terms of Reference for our PPG  

Joining or contacting our Practice Patient Group

We want the PPG to represent patients of all ages, both male and female.

If you would like to be involved in our patient group please contact the Practice Manager or speak to Dr Shah, or complete the form below. 

You can use the form to ask a question or say that you are interesting in joining the PPG.

Please note: The PPG is not there to take up complaints on your behalf so do not use this form to make a complaint. Follow this link to find out how to make a complaint