Urgent appointments To request an urgent appointment for today or tomorrow (Monday to Friday) use our appointment request form, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm. We will respond on ... [continue] Appointments

Bowel, breast and cervical screening

National screening programmes for bowel, breast and cervical cancer aim to detect the very early signs of cancer. By identifying and treating cancer earlier and stopping it spreading, we hope ... [continue] Bowel, breast and cervical screening


Are you caring for or supporting a relative, friend or neighbour? Are you helped or supported by a relative, friend or neighbour? We need to know so we can offer ... [continue] Carers


Find out more about the clinics and services available at the surgery.

Managing your health online

Using an online form There are many things you can do online at our surgery. Some tasks you can do using a website called eConsult where you can: request an ... [continue] Managing your health online

Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of our services. For example: private sick notes insurance forms holiday cancellation forms medical reports fitness to travel certificates private prescriptions passport signing ... [continue] Non-NHS services


Ordering repeat prescriptions The easiest ways to order repeat prescriptions are: using your NHS account (through the NHS website or in the NHS App) using the GP online system: SystmOnline These accounts ... [continue] Prescriptions


Find out about referrals on the My Planned Care website.

Social prescribing

Our social prescribing link workers help patients to get the right support. Many different patients will be referred to social prescribing link workers. They include: People with long-term conditions Low ... [continue] Social prescribing


Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Routine vaccinations (sometimes called ‘immunisations’) for all ages are available at the surgery. You might receive a letter or a ... [continue] Vaccinations

Date published: 20th September, 2023
Date last updated: 21st September, 2023